The story and mission behind our company

Left part of a mainstage with a lightshow.
A Mainstage with a crowd infront of it.
Right part of a mainstage with a lightshow.

Dashpoint was founded in 2020 by a team of 4 motivated event organizers in Munich. With a passion for creating a future for festivals with cutting-edge technology, our team has a wealth of experience organizing and managing events of our own, including the Skigaudi festival with 1500 students. Since our inception, we've already had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest festivals in Germany, including the 90er live Tour in Cologne with over 30,000 visitors,

as well as smaller festivals like Trägertal festival in Passau, Noisehausen Festival, and WiWi Meisterschaften in Gießen. We also have experience working with international events like the crypto foundation in USA called BAF (Blockchain Acceleration Foundation) for a hackathon in Mexico City. Our aim is to provide comprehensive support for festivals and simplify communication for festival managers, beyond being just a technical partner.