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Infographic of the Dashpoint App describing multiple features.

Two options to boost your event

Showing the Dashpoint Event Home with the example festival WiWi Meisterschaften.
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Custom branded festival app

Bring your festival vision to reality with our custom app building services - your Ideas, our expertise.

Advantages of your own app

Experience the future of festival with your own branded platform, designed to keep your crowd on it for multiple events

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Features for festival managers

Own app
Custom branding
Easy communication
Crowd control
Feedback tool
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Features for participants

Festival map
Links to artists
Tournament feature
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Features for sponsors

Marketing tool
Push-notifications / high conversion
Logo embedding
Showing the Dashpoint Chat feature where you can find channels to connect with other people from the same festival.
Showing the Dashpoint Explore feature where you can find other events in your area.
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Our Dashpoint event platform

Maximize your event's visibility by getting integrated on our Dashpoint platform. Easily create your event in just 5 minutes.

Our Passion

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App rating

Excellent customer feedback - Dashpoint exceeds expectations.

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Happy users

At a single day festival in 2022, users were amazed by the Dashpoint app.

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Unleash your potential with Dashpoint's customizable toolbox.

Innovation pipeline: New features incoming

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Get ready for a game-changing ticket purchasing experience with Dashpoint's new all-in-one ticketing feature that combines gamification and affordability.

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NFT Ticketing

Dashpoint's new NFT ticketing feature, secure and unique.

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Customer support

Chatbot: Your new customer service assistant on festivals.

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Web3 integrations

New horizon, more security and ownership for customers.

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Sales forecast

Unlock the potential of your sales with the forecasting tool.